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ProjectBRA Launch in Cape Town

Claire McFarlane and the Marie Claire to launch ProjectBRA - a global Beach Run for Awareness in Cape Town on 18 July.

From www.projectBRA.org:


To help give some clarity and explain why Claire is running in so many countries, here are the top 10 things to know about ProjectBRA:


On 18 July 2016, Claire McFarlane kicks-off ProjectBRA. Claire is running 16km of beach in 184 countries to create a dialogue about rape, and to donate funds to non-profit organisations helping rape survivors with the healing process in every country she runs.


ProjectBRA is founded by Claire, a South African born Australian. In 1999, Claire was brutally raped and left for dead in Paris. She is now using her own personal story of survival to make a difference in the lives of women on a global scale.


ProjectBRA is an awareness and fundraising campaign for survivors of rape worldwide.


ProjectBRA stands for Beach Run for Awareness.


Fundraising for ProjectBRA is through the sale of t-shirts. There is a different t-shirt for each stage of the run. The vision is to sell enough t-shirts to donate AU$10,000* to a non-profit organisation in each country (184).


ProjectBRA portrays a positive female role model who is using beach running as a restorative and empowering tool to heal and to be an example that life after rape is possible.


ProjectBRA is no ordinary adventure! It is a world first and represents a strong vision for all people from all walks of life.


ProjectBRA is an adventure that will produce useful data: detailed facts on what is happening for rape survivors on the ground in 184 countries around the world. This data currently does not exist; and, scientific data on the effects of earthing and the different energy that comes from the beaches around the world.


The ProjectBRA run will take Claire 3 years to complete. She moves country every 5 days, will run on more than 184 beaches, totally over 3000km and barefoot where possible.


The ProjectBRA vision is to become a self-sustaining, ongoing campaign and from 2020 (once the beach run is completed), to host an annual global beach run to keep helping rape survivors.