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Review: Proviz REFLECT360 Running Gilet

Running in the dark is a reality for many of us as our sport is done before or after work. This makes seeing and being seen extremely important.

Proviz is not a brand that I was immediately familiar with but their Proviz high visibility running gilet peaked my interest. So I took to the dark to be seen….. or at least hoped I would.


When unpacking the gilet the reflective nature of the material was immediately apparent and inspection of the garment reveals that is incredibly strong and very well made.


Attached Image: Proviz Reflect360 gilet2-2.jpg

Attached Image: Proviz Reflect360 gilet1-2.jpg

The collar sits high and keeps the chill out from around the neck. The front panels are completely windproof with breathable mesh under the arms. The reflective panels on the back of the shoulders and around the waist of the jacket provide visibility from behind.


Test day turned out to be a cold and windy Cape spring morning, as I headed out into a strong north-westerly with a little rain, the 100% windproof front provided the desired amount of protection with surprisingly good ventilation to wick sweat off. Albeit the conditions were windy and wet, they weren’t particularly cold, and I did feel quite warm inside the gilet.


The reflectivity of the jacket was beyond what I expected and under street lights I could very clearly make out the jacket in my reflection as I passed parked cars with brightness was even greater when vehicle lights shone on the jacket.


The gilet provides more than ample wind protection and will give you the confidence that you will be seen when running in the dark, definitely a must for the early morning or night runner.


I haven’t seen too many running specific gilet’s on the market at a price much lower than the Proviz; with a retail value of R 1,220 it is in my opinion worth its weight in reflective material.


Details for the more technically minded:

  • 100% reflective outer-shell
  • Inner lining for added comfort
  • Rear/Side mesh for enhanced breathability
  • Lightweight – 100g (size variable)
  • Windproof
  • Zip guard and lock zip
  • Elastic waist
  • Material Certification: CE EN 20471
Available through SPD Distributors.