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Salomon Alphen X 100 - cross the Alps non-stop for the first time

Across the Alps on foot in just one day? Most people can barely imagine doing that or find it downright impossible. But that's precisely what the Salomon Alpen X 100 aims to do.

Running at the limit: The first non-stop Transalp for trail runners - that is the slogan of the new trail running event that originated under PLAN B's project manager, Julia Conrad, manager Heinrich Albrecht, and title sponsor Salomon: The Salomon Alpen X 100. A 100 mile race across the Alps - to boot, all in one day, at least for the faster bunch of runners - for the rest of them, all in one go at any rate.


The premiere will start in the Austrian Seefeld Olympic region between the impressive Wetterstein and Karwendel mountain groups from the 5th to the 7th of August, 2016. The athletes will then reach the finish after 160 kilometers (100 miles), 9,628 meters (31,588 feet) elevation change uphill and 10,247 meters (33,619 feet) downhill in Brixen in South Tyrol (Italy).


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The organizer has two other distances available for all the trail runners who aren�t yet ready to tackle the 100-mile course. The second-longest course begins in Steinach am Brenner (AUT). Together with the starters of the 100-mile distance, the participants will have to overcome 97.3 kilometers/60 miles and an altitude difference of 6,291 meters/20,640 feet uphill and 6,779 meters/22,241 feet downhill. The third course isn't a piece of cake either. After the starting pistol fires in Gossensass (ITA), the runners can look forward to 65.5 kilometers/40.7 mi. plus 4,312 meters/14,147 ft. ascent and 4,849 meters/15,909 ft. descent where they will be competing with the whole starting field right from the beginning.
In terms of countryside, all three courses have magnificent trails, some high-alpine sections, and fantastic views of one of the most beautiful routes through Austria and Italy.


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Peter Schlickenrieder, silver medal champion in cross-country skiing at the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, confirmed this personally during one of the first inspections of the course.


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The Salomon Alpen X 100 is my personal challenge and crossing the Alps in one go is my new challenge. The route promises maximum single-trail enjoyment and distant views at the same time, the 45 year-old raves.A must-do for every ambitious outdoor athlete.


Registration for the premiere version of the SALOMON ALPEN X 100 opens at 12:00 noon on November 30th 2015.


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SALOMON ALPEN X 100 - the facts:

  • Date: August 5th - 7th, 2016
  • Locations: Seefeld (AUT), Steinach am Brenner (AUT), Gossensass (ITA)
  • Finish town: Brixen (ITA)
  • Courses:
    • 100 miles (160 km) and an elevation change of 9,628 meters (31,588 ft.) uphill/10,247 meters (33,619 ft.) downhill
    • 97.3 km (60.5 mi.) and an elevation change of 6,291 meters (20,640 ft.) uphill/6,779 meters (22,241 ft.) downhill
    • 65.6 km (40.8 mi.) and an elevation change of 4,312 meters (14,147 ft.) uphill/4,849 meters (15,909 ft.) downhill
  • Start times: Seefeld (Friday, 10:00 PM), Steinach am Brenner (Saturday, 8:00 AM), Gossensass (Saturday, 10:00 AM)
  • Time limits: 46.5 hours: 100 miles/160 km, 24 hours: 97.3 km/60.5 mi.,
    19.5 hours: 65.5 km/40.8 mi.
  • Maximum number of participants: No limit