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Fake Salomon Shoes

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#1 Koei

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Posted 18 July 2016 - 02:32 PM

This is similar to my thread on Bikehub. Since a lot of people advertise Speedcross shoes as the real deal, and finding information on counterfeit Speedcross shoes is a bit difficult, I decided to post this information to the relevant people.
Rule #1: don't buy Speedcross.
I can recommend many other better running / hiking shoes suitable for SA. Speedcross is meant for muddy and wet weather.
Here's how to spot fake ones.
Physical differences:
  • LT-Muscle badge: Look at the lateral heel of the left shoe. On genuine Speedcross shoes, the black "LT" is on the left (see Figure 1 below). On fake Speedcross shoes the LT badge is on the right. There is an exception to this rule:The Vario and Speedcross pro models have this the other way around (don't know why).
  • post-35129-0-54652500-1468334994.png
  • Quicklaces: the fake laces are usually a tiny bit thicker and they bend differently. You really have to have a genuine pair and a fake pair side to side to spot this.
  • Printing on the Insoles:
    • spelling mistakes
    • low quality / blotched letters of "Ortholite"
    • miss-match of old and new Salomon text-logo and "S"-logo
  • Shoe tongue
    • bad / or lack-of stitching underneath the tongue.
    • Irregular or odd spacing of letters "Made in Vietnam" or "Made in China"
  • Fine details:
    • This one was difficult to spot: The quicklace Patent reference is imprinted on the quicklace clip. It should read "5477 593", but I've seen many typos here.
  • Difficult ones:
    • Material quality. You can try to look at stitching and other material qualities but it is really difficult to feel a difference (without running a few k's).
    • Colourway. They do imitate some of the real colourways (but there are sometimes small differences such as lace colour or tongue colour), but the fake ones are also available in many more colours. You sort of have to know which colours have been produced before and which ones have not. Have a look at this catalogue (non of these colourways are exactly produced by Salomon):
  • No new / unworn pair Speedcross shoes will ever be sold under R1400. The cheapest legit shoes I've seen was going for R1450 at Poobienaidoos.co.za (they are very reputable and a good place to buy sport goods)...but their cheapest ones are going for R1550 now.
  • Never ever ever ever buy Speedcross from gumtree / OLX. They are littered with fake pairs.
  • You also get sites that sell Nikes and Speedcross. Any website that has categories such as "Salomon Running Shoes" - like this - is guaranteed to be fake. A genuine website will go something like this: Men's Running Shoes > Trail Shoes and then filtered by brand, price, etc. Any website blatantly advertising Speedcrosses on sale....I promise you: fake.
I've tried to include everything I know / remember. Feel free to add more or correct me if I'm wrong.

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#2 seabee

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Posted 18 July 2016 - 03:46 PM

There are also fake SLab Sense Ultra's doing the round. Not the current version, a much older version. Rock hard nose section is a dead give-away... 


And I agree - I cannot think of a worse shoe for trail running in SA most of the time. Yet I've even seen a guy line up on Safari Halfmarathon next to me with a pair on! I don't know whether he was aiming on giving it full gas on that one little section of gravel road...  :ph34r:

#3 stuart

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Posted 18 July 2016 - 04:08 PM

Great overview Koei! Those Speedcross must be an absolute nightmare running in typical SA trails... slippery as all hell. But ... half my office must disagree based on how many guys wear them on dress 'down' fridays!  :lol:

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#4 Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman
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Posted 18 July 2016 - 04:12 PM

Great overview Koei! Those Speedcross must be an absolute nightmare running in typical SA trails... slippery as all hell. But ... half my office must disagree based on how many guys wear them on dress 'down' fridays!  :lol:

Perhaps they grip well on corporate flooring :D

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#5 Koei

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Posted 19 July 2016 - 09:36 AM

Some more information on counterfeit (or false by Google Translate's terms) shoes:




Key points:

  • Excessive wear and tear on the fake shoes within the first 200km
  • Poor shock absorption, especially for heel strikers (relating to my point on LT Muscle technology @TheJ)
  • "Quicklace"-clip losing grip - have to keep the foot secure by tying a knot in the quicklaces!
  • Waterproof at first due to a after-coating, which quickly deteriorates with increasing km's
  • After 200km the reviewer reported the shoe as "running torture" (whereas the genuine ones were still good)

But the best part was the concluding remark:


While you can run with them, just as we can run with flip-flops or high heels they are not the most functional of the world. We assume that anyone with half a brain will invest a penny in a (good shoes) if what you want is running with it. There will be those who buy them for aesthetic reasons and not to run in, but to these people I invite you to reflect the effort they (Salomon) put in designing products, materials research and (compare) these models on the market before buying an imitation.



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